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Create interactive online forms or complex eServices

Form Templates

Form Templates

Form Templates

Create new forms or use some of our predefined templates. Clone our templates, extend them, or build your own templates. Templates are great for consistency and maintainability.

Theme & Brand

Theme Selection

Theme & Brand

Choose a Government of Canada theme, WET 4.0 Theme or use your own theme for brand consistency.

Analytics & Metrics

Analytics and metrics

Analytics & Metrics

Analyze and gain insight into your services. Track user behaviours and growth trends. Integrate with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Piwik, Webtrends, etc.

Save & Resume

Save and resume

Save & Resume

Allow authenticated or anonymous users to save forms and complete where they left of.

Accept Payments

Search Calendar

Accept Payments

Need to collect online payments? Enable the payment module, and our solutions will seamlessly integrate with most payment gateways such as Moneris, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, PayPal, etc.

Notifications & Reminders

Send e-mail reminders and notifications

Notifications & Reminders

Send notifications and reminders to your users with personalized e-mail templates.

Webform Builder

Build online forms using our visual builder, no need to code.

We have all the standard form fields, from checkboxes to data pickers and then some.

Conditional Statements

Build smarter forms using conditional statements to show fields that are relevant. Add skip logic, branching, or multi stage forms to create a personalized experience.

Document Upload

Sophisticated file upload capabilities, define allowed file types, size, storage or even workflows.

Validation and Formatting

Collects the required information in a clean and consistent format. We provide validation from simple e-mail and phone validation, to complex dependencies and logic rules.

Auto populate

Help users make a choice from pre-populated lists, or make it easier for your users and auto populate stored information.

Geofields and Mapping

Add a location field to your form, geocode an address, store the latitude and longitude, or visualize your data on a map.

Interactive Walkthrough and Helper Text

Provide great user experience and onboarding with our interactive tour that guides your users through the process of completing your forms.

Workflows & Automation

Our solution puts you in control of your process' and workflows.

Rules, Actions and Conditions

Create rules for each step, for example a users must fill out additional fields based on previous selection, or upload documents, submit a payment, etc.

Automate Tasks

Streamline your process with automation. Automatically assign a form to be reviewed or rated. Automatically advance submissions through steps, or validate a submissions based on specific criteria.

We can also automatically back-up and archive your data.

Logic forms


Leverages and integrates with any of your existing enterprise platforms for any service.

To integrate with an external service or infrastructure, such as your payment gateway or your BPM, ECM, CRM, Case Systems or Custom Databases and Apps our solutions uses APIs and metadata to pass information to the 3rd party system, so that it can be easily ingested and processed by the external services.

Easy to integrate and extend with tools that support RESTful API, WebServices, XML, CMIS, SOAP, iCal, RSS, etc.

For user authentication, we can connect using MyAccount, OAuth, LDAP/Active Directory, Single sign-on (SSO) or even social media such as Facebook and Google+.

Our open and standardized approach gives great flexibility, scalability and interoperability.

Logos of integration systems

Host in the Cloud or On-Premise

With options to host on Canadian soil.

Goverment Compliant

Accessible. Multilingual. Secure. Mobile ready.

  • Support of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA.
  • Fully multilingual forms, choose between Canadian English, French, or the 100+ other available languages.
  • Mobile ready, fully responsive forms.
  • Cross-browser support to match requirements of the Canadian government.

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  • Global Government
  • Federal Government of Canada
  • Provincial Government
  • Municipalities
  • HealthCare Intranets