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Intranet or public apps

Each app is built to run inside of the GovPlus platform, but it can as easily run as a standalone app on your public website.

Creating, managing and updating policies is made easy through the policies manager. Each policy can be maintained within GovPlus, ensuring members of your organization only see the latest approved policies that apply to them. Users can bookmark policies and get updated when documents change. Are your policies all PDF based and impossible to find? No problem! GovPlus Search provides you with search capability within the documents themselves erasing the need to navigate the list of policies to find the specific one that you need.

Create and share events and calendars within your team, within your organization. Need to plan a quick team meeting? Schedule one on the team calendar. Need to organize a general information session requiring RSVP? Schedule one on the organization calendar and track attendance.

Your multi-faceted organization needs to produce news but not everyone is a writer. We understand! News Manager allows you to manage the creation of news via multiple channels, providing different workflows to different groups, giving you full control over what ends up where and who sees it. The communications folks are great, give them full access but the IT guys are a bunch of cowboys, provide them with a review process, all built right into News Manager.

Wikis, KBs and FAQs

Is your organization centrally driven? Create knowledgebases and FAQs for any or all of your processes and policies. Is your organization more collaboratively driven, use Wikis to share and update documentation.

Form Builder Icon


All organizations need forms, whether for surveys, registration, or simply feedback, creating forms and managing collected data is a key function of any intranet. FormBuilder gives you the power to create any kind of form, collate data collected, generate reports and provide your organization with a way for your users to provide you with the information you are looking for.

Forum & MicoBlogger

Forums and microblogging provide your organization with different and equally important communications channels. Do you need a quick status about a particular project? Get updates via the team’s microblog. Do you need an in-depth discussion around a particular project? Post to the team’s forum where everyone can contribute. Organize your projects around these tools and optimize how your team communicates.


Save your organization millions out of your sticky-note budget! Create, manage, set reminders, from anywhere within the Intranet. Are you reading through the microblog and need to remind yourself to follow up with HR? Quickly do so with SimpleTasks.

Courseware Registration

Learning made easy. Our solutions allows you to create courses quickly, and get them to your employees without any of the usual headaches.Contact us.


Stayed tuned as we are building new apps. Don’t see what you are looking for? We also build custom apps. Contact us.

Extendability and 3rd Party Integration

Often organizations have a plethora of disparate systems that users must log into in order to do their work. GovPlus integrates with many 3rd party tools using industry standard protocols, allowing users to have a single dashboard to view active cases, related documents and upcoming performance reviews all within the same browser window.

It's nice to have an option you know won't limit your needs, and prevent vendor lock-ins.

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